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This is a letter from one of our 4 short term trips who have come/are coming to Burkina this summer to work with us.  (We have 2 more to go!) They were reporting back to Go To Nations headquarters, and I thought you might enjoy reading what they had to say.
The trip was amazing.  The GTN team in Burkina was awesome to work with and the Hayslips took good care of us.  The networking they have done with missionaries and ministires in the area is impressive and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.
We were able to visit a refugee camp – Tuareg people from Mali who were escaping the war. We were able to do a prayer walk that had the hairs on our arms standing at attention with the presence of the Holy Spirit.  We played games with the children and visited with the women.


We attending one of Joel’s outreach events that he does with Operation Christmas Child and that was a huge blessing.  What joy!  What energey!
The spiritual retreat for expatriate ladies was above par.  We were so impressed with Heidi and the work she did to organize such a top-notch event.  The ministry was special and tender, and I believe we were able to make a few deposits with the women who attended, most were missionaries.  What a picture of Jesus they all were.  Warriors in the frontline, making a difference.  The conversations and personal ministry time were my favorites.  The facility was beutiful and the ladies so enjoyed the swimming pool.  We were able to bring them gifts in the hopes they felt the love of the Lord lavished on them as they spent time with him.  I believe the women were refreshed.
Kate Royal’s Kids of Hope takes your breath away.  Her love for these street boys is contagious, and being able to visit with them and play games was so special.  We were also able to attend the Kids of Hope Sunday Morning service, which had us all in tears over the significance of the small group under the canopy, learning about Jesus and singing songs of praise in their language.
We visited a girls Technical School and brought crafts for them to do.  It helped us connect and the girls were encouraged.  What a treat!
Personal ministry time with the Hayslips, Kate Royal, Abbey and Christa was especially heart warming.  What a lovely group.  I absolutely would love to return to Burkina – in fact, on a regular basis.
I have a love of photogrpahy and I believe it is a significant part of my ministry in the field.  I took loads of pictures that I would be happy to share.  I enjoy being able to give the pictures to the missionaries so they can have them for their newsletters and websites.  I even got some short video clips of some of the ministry time.  I’m not exactly sure how I’ll get you the pictures, but you are welcome ot use them.  Some of them are quite outstanding, if I do say so myself.  LOL!  I have a ministry page on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/LedeMinistries) and many of the pictures are posted there if you want to take an initial look.  I will work on getting some blank CD’s to copy them for you sometime soon.

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  • Veda Byers

    January 21, 2015 |

    Dear Joel an Heidi,
    Enjoyed the video and seeing the work that you are doing there in Burkino Faso. The children are so wonderful to see in their everyday life. Their smiles are infectious. Andrea is preparing to come and excited about the trip and the team from Newspring that she will be working with. Bless you both and your boys for being there and sharing the Love of God! We love you! Veda and the whole Byers Family 🙂

  • Chris Palermo

    January 14, 2015 |

    Was praying for your family and ministry this morning. Was moved by the video ..the responce of the children to the gifts and the love you are showing them. Your good looking boys have grown so much since I saw them last at Bethel San Jose. God continue to bless and use you.

  • Chuck Fanning

    February 8, 2013 |

    Reading about your work is very exciting, I thank God we can be a small part. May the God we serve do”exceedingly abuntantly” more than we ask or imagine according to His great power that works in us!!

  • Bob Hayslip

    September 12, 2012 |

    I “amen” what Tammy shared! When you chart it out you can see the way that the Lord took a small seed and caused it to grow. Only the Father knows what is in store as you keep sowing faithfully. That 1,000,000 child mark by 2020 may have been a little pessimistic! We’ll keep praying for you guys and for full-blown revival in Burkina. – Dad

  • Tammy Sheets

    September 10, 2012 |

    This is so exciting to see your faithfulness year after year to reach out in the name of Jesus to the children in Burkina Faso!

    It is truly the LORD at work to keep growing the seed planting opportunities and to partner up with OCC – this Saturday (Sept. 15th) in St. Joseph, MO there will be a local “Count Down Event” to share with area churches and groups with sharing this type of testimony – which will really encourage them to pack more shoeboxes – to touch more children to hear the gospel! please join me to pray for this special event!
    keep on blessing those around you – a little bit of love goes a long long way =D

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