Reaching 1,000,000 Children

in Burkina Faso with the Gospel by 2020

Almost there!

When God first called us to reach a million children with the Gospel by the year 2020, we couldn't imagine how it could ever happen.  But having reached 700,000 so far, and now with a God-given strategy for this summer (see below), we can actually see the finish line!

With all the insecurity and violence happening almost daily, there is a renewed urgency to reach as many as we can, as quickly as we can!

Training Conference

1000 Children's workers

Supply Outreach Kits

100 puppet and PA systems

What will the sessions cover?

We will start with the "WHY" of children's outreach: By creating outreaches focused on kids, the Church is able to bring God's love into the most 'impossible' communities!

The remainder of the V2020 Conference will then focus on the "HOW-TOs" of Children's outreaches:


  • Play fun games and sing fun songs.
  • Act out skits and short plays.
  • Use puppets.
  • Share a simple "Child-centered" Gospel message.
  • Organize a successful Community outreach.

**The local leadership team will continue to work with all the outreach teams in order to provide training and resources for discipleship and church-planting.

Who will attend the Vision 2020 Conference?

There are expecting over 1,000 participants!  We will sell low-cost tickets to anyone who would like to attend.

We will raising sponsorships for 500 hand-picked children's workers from every region of Burkina Faso!  

Sponsor a Childrens Worker

You can sponsor a village volunteer for $50!

This will cover the cost of transportation, food, lodging for the 3 days of the conference.  We will be hand-picking those who are sponsored from each region of Burkina Faso.

How much will it cost?

The Conference will cost $25,000.

This includes the cost of advertising, renting a conference hall, printing workbooks, renting sound equipment and the administrative and organizational costs.


What is an "Outreach Kit?"

 After 12 years of developing outreaches in Burkina, we finally built a perfect kit that includes EVERYTHING a team would need to do outreaches anywhere in Burkina.  Why are they perfect?


  1. 100% made in Burkina!  We can buy or build every element of the kit from things that we buy at the markets here.
  2. Sturdy.  Since we hand-craft the puppets and the puppet house, we make them extra-durable.  They're ready for the African bush.
  3. Complete.  After thousands and thousands of outreaches, we know exactly what to put in each bag.
  4. Portable.  This is crucial!  Every element of the kit fits into a backpack that one person can easily carry on a moped.  This has enabled teams to take these kits into the most remote parts of Burkina.
We are so proud of our kits! 
They include:
  1. 2 full-size "muppet-style" puppets.
  2. A puppet house the comfortably fits two people.  It's made out of metal rods and a heavy fabric.
  3. Props and "costume changes" for the puppets.
  4. A "Public Address" system: a small amplifier and loudspeaker, a microphone and a chord to attach an mp3 player or phone.
Who will get the Outreach Kits?

During the V2020 Conference, we will place all willing volunteers into "outreach teams."  Every outreach team will receive an outreach kit. 

We anticipate having 100 outreach teams from every corner of Burkina Faso!!

How much does an outreach Kit cost to make?

Each Outreach Kit only costs us $200!

To put that in perceptive, pre-made puppets cost between $75-$100!  We are are able to make them for $15 each. 

The most expensive part of the Kit is the PA (sound) system and motorcycle battery.

Sponsor an Outreach Kit for an evangelism team.

Each kit costs $200 and will be used by churches for many, many years.

Organize 2,000 outreaches

Reaching 300,000 children

Beyond 2020

What's next in Burkina?

2000 outreaches?!?

That's right!  

During the V2020 Conference, we will organize all the attendees into teams of 5-10 volunteers based on where they live, creating 100 Outreach Teams!

They will then practice all the "How-To's" of children's outreach together.  By the end of the 3 days, they will be fired-up and trained-up to go back to their villages to perform Child-Centered, Gospel outreaches!

Before they leave, will give each team a list of 20+ outreaches that we will organize for them ahead of time at schools, markets, soccer fields, etc...

In this way, these 100 teams will do 2000+ outreaches in less than a month, all over Burkina Faso!

300,000 Children?!?

As the 100 Outreach Teams perform 2,000 outreaches (see above), they will reach thousands and thousands of children.

In fact, we know, after 15 years of doing these outreaches in Burkina, that the average outreach will be to 150 children.  2,000 x 15 = 300,000!

And we know that there will also be thousands and thousands of adults as well!

And even more importantly, we know that God will show up, perform healing miracles, drive out demons and set people free.

Thousands upon thousands will make decisions to turn away from darkness and follow Christ.  This is not only a Biblical promise, but it's something we've seen year after year, outreach after outreach.

What are you hoping to accomplish?
  1. Thousands upon thousands will make decisions to turn away from darkness and follow Christ.  This is not only a Biblical promise, but it's something we've seen year after year, outreach after outreach.
  2. As the outreach teams penetrate into unreached communities, new churches WILL be planted.
  3. And most important to the future of the church in Burkina, 1,000 believers in Burkina Faso will have the passion, skills and resources they need to reach the next generation in their communities for years and years to come!
Sponsor an Outreach team

We will be providing $10 per team, per outreach.  This covers gas for their mopeds, waters (it's often over 100 degrees!) and lunch for all the team members.

So we will be giving each team $200 - enough for 20 outreaches.

The total cost to reach 300,000+ children in Burkina will only be $20,000!

What happens after the Vision 2020 Conference?

After the conference and the 2000+ outreaches, the REAL WORK begins!

Didier and his team will have the privilege and challenge of providing on-going training, encouragement and resources for the Children's Outreach teams throughout Burkina.

Didier and his team have experience training on discipleship, church-planting, kid's camps and VBS.  

Joel and Heidi will continue to support the ministry, but will have less and less of a physical presence in Burkina.

What is Phase 2 of Vision 2020?

The V2020 Conference and outreaches are only phase 1 of finishing Vision 2020!

In phase 2, we will be focusing on making the Children's Ministry Resource Center in Ouagadougou fully self-sustaining.


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    You found it!  Just send an email to Joel with the right answer to claim your prize!

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